Learning Dutch:
online & customized

NeXtop offers 100% online Dutch courses tailored to your needs.
You acquire the language through online modules.
In addition, you get assignments to practice speaking and writing
and online private lessons with an experienced teacher.
Whether you are learning Dutch for work, for your studies or for leisure,
our teachers guide you through a personalized learning trajectory.


You can study the lessons anywhere and anytime. You schedule your private lessons at times which are convenient for you.


In the online lessons, you choose a character who uses Dutch in a context that is relevant for you (work, school, leisure activities...). During the private lessons, you practice what is important to you.


The online lessons, written assignments and oral exercises start from real-life situations and tasks.

more than just a Dutch language course

NeXtop language courses target (young) adult learners with at least basic digital skills.
Participants who have no prior knowledge of Dutch learn the basics in the online modules,
which offer a fully integrated curriculum with individual guidance.
NeXtop also offers private lessons for all other levels of Dutch.
We help you become self-reliant in a Dutch-speaking context.

Hello, I am Liesbeth De Paepe, founder of neXtop.
I am happy to help you learn Dutch in a context that is useful to you.

The course is entirely in Dutch, even for absolute beginners. We provide lots of visual support.

Charming characters guide you through the visually appealing online lessons. The lessons contain (semi-)authentic material, audio, interactive exercises… In each lesson you get a printable overview of the most important learning materials. This summary allows you to repeat offline sometimes.

NeXtop offers a complete language course in which you practice the four skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing. You will also practice grammar and vocabulary and get acquainted with Belgian culture. All modules are in accordance with the Common European Framework of References (CEFR).

The online lessons are interactive and offer a lot of variety. They include plenty of exercises with automatic feedback. You can repeat the exercises as many times as you like.

The online lessons, written tasks and oral practice opportunities start from real-life situations and tasks. In the online lessons, you are not an observer but an active participant in realistic situations and role-plays.

Your subscription always includes an individual online lesson with a teacher. This way, you practice speaking skills. Because one learns to speak Dutch by speaking!

The online modules include short writing and speaking assignments and real-life tasks, eg. filling out a form. Your teacher will send you personal feedback.

Not everyone learns Dutch for the same reasons. Some people plan to study in a Dutch-speaking region; others want to find a job or start a business. Others want to be able to communicate with their children’s school or with their neighbours. In the online lessons, you meet characters with these different roles. You can choose the character you want and practice Dutch in this particular role or context. This allows you to tailor your course to your personal needs. During the private lessons, you practice Dutch with your teacher, who will tailor the lesson to your specific needs.

We offer you the opportunity to connect with other neXtop participants. This allows you to meet other people from different countries who are learning Dutch. You can practice Dutch together.

After each completed module of five lessons, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Purchase a module

Study your lessons

Do your homework

Schedule your private lesson

Practice with your teacher

Receive your certificate of completion

How does it work?

learn Dutch online and 24/7
fun e-learning modules
private lessons tailored to your needs
assignments with personal feedback
qualified teachers

What our students say

Here's what our students say about neXtop.

A fun and step-by-step course with plenty of exercises. Characters with real voices. Plenty of audio material. Makes learning fun!
I like the fact that I can book the private lessons with the tutor whenever it suits me. Nextop offers the flexibility I couldn't find in other language courses.

Julien Dubois
From Quebec, Canada

I like that nextop offers a mixture of self-learning and lessons with a tutor. I can follow the online classes at my own pace and discuss more difficult topics and practice speaking with the tutor. Liesbeth is the teacher we all wish we had :-). Helpful and understanding, talking to her fills me with positive energy and motivation to further improve my language skills.

Jana Fuhrmannová
From Czech Republic